sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2006

Porque o socialismo não funciona.

Poly Play ran on a Soviet clone of the Zilog Z80 CPU clocked at 2.457600 MHz and a custom sound chip. Its display supported a palette of 10 colors and ran at a resolution of 512*256 at 50 Hz, but also used colored overlays. The coin slot of the machine was designed for 50 Pfennig, but was flawed. It could be fooled relatively easily with a 1 Pfennig piece; if the coin was pressed very sharply into the top of the slot, one could outwit the pressure sensor. This was largely tolerated, however, because the machine was not a capitalistic commercial venture, but a state-owned product found predominantly in FDGB holiday homes, youth hostels and non-profit clubs. Thus the machine ran with a de-activated coin slot in many youth clubs. However, the free play often created a crush, with crowds forming round it, so most of these were re-activated.

Pelo menos dá pra entender porque jovens gostam de falar sobre socialismo. Balbúrdia grupal é típica no FSM.

Outro artigo sobre a máquina, com mais fotos (bonito visual, aliás):

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