quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2007

Tirando a roupa pelo meio-ambiente

Como eu disse anteriormente, essa história de ambientalismo é só uma besteira usada pra tirar a roupa. Também no Japão.

"We asked a group of Office Ladies to tell us what they did to beat the heat and the most common answers were 'strip down to almost nothing and sit around without the air conditioner on' and 'sleep in the nude,'" Takayo Yamamoto, a researcher at the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living, tells Sunday Mainichi.

A married ad man in his 40s has become an advocate of the nude lifestyle since he began an extramarital affair with a 20-something woman five years ago.

"At home, it's not like I can go around in just my undies and let off farts. When I'm at my girlfriend's place, though, we always hang out in the nude, whether we're just watching TV or even during meals. And, you know what, just being in my natural state means I feel free to fart," he tells Sunday Mainichi. "And when I take a crap, if I come up with a really funny-shaped turd, I'll call my girlfriend in and show it to her."

Se não passar desse ponto, por mim tudo bem. Não quero obrigar ninguém a usar roupa dentro de casa, ou em praias de nudismo reservadas. Podem falar quantas bobagens quiserem, desde que não me obriguem a fazer o mesmo.

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